Walter Tobagi

San Brizio di Spoleto 1947-Milan 1980. A journalist and writer, born in Umbria but moved to Bresso (father a railway worker), editor of La Zanzara, the student newspaper at the Liceo Parini. Journalist in Milan (Avanti!, Avvenire, Corriere d’Informazione and Corriere della Sera). Engaged in the analysis of terrorism (the death of Feltrinelli, the Calabresi affair, military operations by the Red Brigades), on the front line in the years of terrorism. Wrote about Alessandrini, the judge assassinated by Prima Linea (Vivere e morire da giudice a Milano). Involved in work for professional reforms. Murdered on 18 Made 1980 in Milan by a squad of the Brigata XXVIII marzo, whose middle-class left-wing extremists were put on trial in 1983.

Giuseppe Toeplitz
Emilio Tadini