Towards the Metropolitan City

From the beginning of 2015, in accordance with Italian Law 56/2014, the institution of metropolitan cities, in Milan as in other areas, will lead to the replacement of the provinces. This is part of a policy to reactivate functions (and therefore also powers, regulations, resources and procedures) around which a debate has started.
The challenge covers many areas: legal-administrative, planning, economic and infrastructure, but primarily that of identity.
In the case of Milan the distinct relationship between the ancient village of the capital city (with its suburbs now destined to disappear) and the “hundred municipalities” of the vast former area of the province needs to be reappraised in the light not only of its history but also in terms of its prospects for a new economy, for new forms of interconnection and representation, and a new internal and external narrative of a city that is moving towards five million inhabitants and that, as such, will promote a variety of different ways of organising its attractiveness.
This is the approach adopted by the Milan Brand Committee for its technical-scientific team, which will soon be publishing a brief policy document as a contribution to the Strategic Plan (which is required by law). But it is also working on an expansion of the initiatives already under way to promote a public debate on symbolic history and identity with regard not only to the urban area but to the entire area being affected by the changes.
This area of the site will provide full information on the matter, with documents and news.