Riccardo Lombardi

Regalbuto 1901-Rome 1984. An engineer, politician, partisan, journalist (editor-in-chief of Avanti!), MP for eight legislatures (leader in Milan). A historic member of the Italian Socialist Party (from 1947). Initially a member of the Partito Popolare and then of the Partito d’Azione (one of the founders in ’42), a leader of the Giustizia e Libertà brigades, member of CLNAI, which appointed him prefect of Milan after the Liberation. Minister of Transport in the first De Gasperi government. Autonomist within the PSI with regard to the alliance with the PCI, he obtained the vote of the PSI in favour of Euratom. From 1957, he aimed for an alternative Left, and from ’64 against collaboration with the DC. He worked for decolonisation and against the war in Vietnam. An ally of Craxi in changing the PSI (1976), he was elected party chairman but resigned due to disagreements.

Leo (Leopoldo) Longanesi
Prospero Moisè Loira