Marcello Dudovich

Trieste 1878-Milan 1962. A painter and advertising artist, forerunner of modern poster art. In Milan from 1897, as a lithographer at Officine Ricordi, he worked in advertising. Decorated the Italian Pavilion at Expo 1906. In the Fauves movement (Matisse). Many advertising campaigns at the time of the Belle Epoque. Worked in Munich (where he married). Interned as a Germanophile when the war broke out. Designed cinema posters in Turin. Artistic director of the Impresa Generale Affissioni Pubblicità in Milan, while continuing to work for La Rinascente. From 1930 he produced posters for major Italian and foreign companies. A mural decorator in Rome, he went in Libya and returned to painting alone.

Giorgio Enrico Falck
Angelo Donati