Luciano Mauri

Marina di Massa 1929-Milan 2005. Chairman of the Messaggerie Italiane, the largest Italian publishing distributor, succeeded his father Umberto, and one of the great names in Italian publishing in the second half of the twentieth century. Nephew of Valentino Bompiani. A shareholder in the Longanesi group, he had Mario Spagnol reorganise the company, with many best-sellers in all the group’s lines. Founded a school for booksellers in 1983. Optimistically adopted policies to promote books and reading (including Italy as first guest of honour at the Buchmesse in 1988 – maintaining that “Italy produces 210 titles per year for every million readers compared with 1000 in Germany” – and the launch of the Book Fair in Turin).

Giuseppe Meazza
Raffaele Mattioli