Leo (Leopoldo) Longanesi

Bagnocavallo 1905-Milan 1957. Draughtsman, journalist, painter and publisher. Started in Fascist (Arpinati, Balbo, Grandi) but also intellectual circles in Bologna. In 1926 he founded a weekly, L’italiano, and a publishing house. He worked on the “satirical front” against the regime, but also published its propaganda for the campaign in Ethiopia. Worked with Giovanni Ansaldo and, from 1929, directed L’assalto. In ’37 came Omnibus, a glossy magazine with big names, in which Arrigo Benedetti trained. After ’43 he moved to Naples, and broadcast anti-fascist propaganda on the radio (Stella bianca). In 1945 he published Sette. In Milan from 1946. Founded the Longanesi publishing company with the industrialist Giovanni Monti. Worked with Montanelli on the anti-communist campaign of ’48. In 1950 founded Il Borghese together with the Lega dei fratelli d’Italia movement.

Carlo Maciachini
Riccardo Lombardi