Lalla (Graziella) Romano

Demonte (Cuneo) 1906-Milan 2001. Poetess, writer and journalist. Great-granddaughter of the mathematician Giuseppe Peano, her first love was painting (studied under Casorati), pupil of Lionello Venturi in Turin (graduated in Stil Novo), a friend of Soldati, Antonicelli and Pavese. Active in the Giustizia e Libertà Resistance brigades, encouraged by Montale to publish poetry (1941 debuted with Fiore, Frassinelli), Pavese commissioned her translation of Flaubert. In post-war Milan, started writing fiction (Le metamorfosi, 1951). La penombra che abbiamo attraversato a success in 1964. Contributed to the Corriere, Giorno and Giornale, independent left-wing councillor in Milan in 1976. Her last work Diario Ultimo, edited by Antonio Ria, published posthumously.

Nicola Romeo
Ernesto Nathan Rogers