Indro Montanelli

Fucecchio 1909–Milan 2001. A journalist, writer and historian, editorialist at the Corriere della Sera, left in 1972 to set up Il Giornale Nuovo and then La Voce. Attacked by the Red Brigades in 1977. Turned down Cossiga’s proposal to make him a senator for life in ’91 Plays and vast number of nonfiction works. Signed up to Fascism. Lieutenant in the colonial battalion in Ethiopia. Correspondent for the Messaggero in the Spanish Civil War, with articles disapproved of by the regime, for which the minister Bottai sent him to Tallinn to run the Institute of Culture. In ’38 with the Corriere as a war correspondent. After ’43 joined Giustizia e Libertà, and was arrested by the Germans. Escaped from prison and fled to Switzerland. Back at the Corriere, directed by Mario Borsa, ended up being “cleansed” and sent to direct the Domenica del Corriere. Again with the Corriere, publishing with Longanesi, from 1954 contributed to Borghese. First part of his monumental History of Italy (many volumes with Mario Cervi), on the History of Rome, serialised in the Domenica. Describing himself as an anarcho-conservative led to political controversy, including his departure from the Corriere in 1972, accepting an offer from Agnelli to contribute to La Stampa; and then with Berlusconi – owner of Il Giornale – when he entered politics making the paper a party organ. Again with the Corriere after the Voce closed in 1995.

Giovanni Battista Montini
Eugenio Montale