Ideas for New Narratives for Milan

From Industrial to Industrious.
Increasing the conviction that work remains key, while adapting the nature of the production processes involved.

From Village to Metropolitan City.
A topic on the agenda, but this is more than just an “administrative” issue. It requires real integration of identity-related narratives that require listening, planning and adaptation.

From Quality of Production to Quality of Life.
Data from public opinion polls linked to social demand for innovation.

Creativity Not Just For Luxury.
The social and productive sectors of the city accept and appreciate its areas of excellence but they also ask the world of fashion to help expand collective representation.

From Local and Global to Glocal.
Overcoming the continuing separation between the local dimension and a dimension focused on worldwide connections and networks. Moving towards models of knowledge and interaction in which global and local are increasingly placed one within the other.

Strengthening the Bond between Tradition and Innovation. 
The historical theme of keeping a balance, usually innovative in the case of Milan, between conservative entrenchment and new relationships between urban design and the legitimisation of social behaviour.

The “Mid-Land” (Mediolanum) Goes Hybrid.
Moving beyond the concept of “transition” through awareness of a powerful state of “destination”. This is the point where – if applied – a few resources are needed to create acceptance.

The Knowledge Network as a Global Portal.
The theme of Milan in the national interest (which Expo needs to highlight) and its responsibility for conveying and negotiating the creative characteristics and qualities of Italian identity.

And again, Reinvesting in the Economics of Culture. 
A decisive move – also with regard to changes in the national approach to cultural heritage and activities – which shifts the cycle of culture from a merely economic resource towards that of culture capable of improving social quality.

And lastly, a more political and organisational theme: Bringing together and Connecting the Spirits of the City.
A project to improve the “public discourse”, i.e. interdependencies with a view to sharing a new image.