Giovanni Raboni

Milan 1932-Fontanellato (Parma) 2004. A poet, writer and journalist. The son of a city clerk, in a Catholic family evacuated to Sant’Ambrogio Olona to escape the bombing, he acquired his father’s passion for 19th-century European literature, which he read as a boy reads adventures. Secondary school in Milan, close to Vittorio Sereni, discovered the cultural and political magazines of the ’50s. Studied Jurisprudence, editorial secretary of Aut Aut (directed by Enzo Paci). Contributor to the Corriere della Sera. First collections of poetry in the ’60s, starting with Il catalogo è questo. On the management committee of the Piccolo Teatro, wrote plays. Winner of the Premio Viareggio in ’93 for poetry, and other awards.

Eugenio Radice Fossati
Salvatore Quasimodo