Giorgio Muggiani

Milan 1887-Lenno 1938. Italian painter and advertising artist, founder of Inter. From a family of traders, in the early years of the century he was sent to the Institut auf dem Rosenberg in St Gallen, Switzerland, to train him for his future responsibilities. In 1914, at the request of Mussolini, he designed the masthead for Il Popolo d’Italia newspaper. His business acumen coupled with artistic and creative talent made him a pioneer of poster and advertising art and an interpreter of the spirit of his time. His most famous works are the campaigns for Cinzano, Pirelli, Società di Navigazione, Rinascente, Martini (1921), Lazzaroni (1928), Moto Guzzi (1917), Recoaro and Hair Coloring Tonic. In 1908, with 43 members, he founded the Foot-ball Club Internazionale Milano, designing the logo and colours of the black-and-blue jersey.

Bruno Munari
Angelo Motta