Gerolamo Induno

Milan 1825-Milan 1890. Studied at the Accademia di Brera from 1839 to 1846 under Luigi Sabatelli. Took part in the 1848 uprising, then took refuge in Switzerland with his brother Domenico. In Florence he volunteered under General Giacomo Medici for the defence of Rome against the French (making life drawings, sketches and paintings). Severely wounded at Porta San Pancrazio, he returned to Milan, where he worked and exhibited at Brera. In 1854 he was with the Bersaglieri under La Marmora in the Crimean campaign. With his brother he exhibited in Paris in 1855 and once again enlisted under Garibaldi, painting many episodes of the Risorgimento.

Stefano Jacini
Domenico Induno