Franco Fornari

Rivergaro (Piacenza) 1921-Milan 1985. Psychoanalyst, psychologist and doctor. A graduate in Medicine, he specialised in Neuropsychiatry in Milan. A psychoanalyst with Cesare Musatti, and a member of the Italian and International Psychoanalytic Societies. A lecturer in Trento, and director of the Institute of Psychology at the University of Milan from 1972. He influenced various developments in psychoanalysis: the psychotic dimension of man; the treatment of schizophrenia and depression; group dynamics; social conflict. Important research on war, which is the result of the outward projection of an internal danger and from denial and alienation of death onto an external persecutor, which must be destroyed in order for others to survive.

Giorgio Gaber (Gaberscik)
Enrico Forlanini