Francesco Hayez

Venice 1791-Milan 1882. An Italian painter, exponent of historical Romanticism, famous for his The Kiss. A pupil of Canova, in 1809 he won the Accademia Nazionale di San Luca contest in Rome. Left Rome in 1814 after being assaulted, for sentimental reasons, and moved to Naples, where Murat commissioned him to paint Ulysses at the Court of Alcinous. From 1822 he taught at Brera, assisting Luigi Sabatelli, upon whose death he took over the professorship until 1879. His painting The Kiss tells the story of his time, with a patriot departing for war against the Austrians. It was forbidden at the time to depict these scenes freely, so he disguised his paintings by placing them in the past. The portrait of Manzoni is also his.

Ulrico Hoepli (Johannes Ulrich Höpli)
Tommaso Grossi