For the Identity and Reputation of Milan

  1. The undersigned, legal representatives or otherwise delegated to sign this Deed, representing bodies working for the public good and in the service of the general interests of the City of Milan, aware of the importance of the development of the theme of identity concerning the image of the city for events both within and outside the community, and of the need for constant interaction and synthesis in the vocational and cultural pluralism of the different spirits in society with regard to the institutions, hereby take note, with profound appreciation of the work carried out so far with civic spirit by the Milan Brand Committee, as instituted by the Mayor of Milan, and hereby constitute themselves as the promoters of a new entity – which in this initial phase is associational in nature with a view to creating stable forms of aggregation – whose mission is constantly to continue the work in order to achieve the objectives described, in the general interest of the city and of its citizens.
  2. In particular, as an essential feature of the mission of this new associational entity, they take on the work so far carried out – and rendered public – by said Committee and, in an interconnected and functional manner, they undertake to assist in the organisational, scientific and professional transformation of what has been achieved so far, in order to focus on the themes involved in the identity and reputation of the city. This applies to the territorial and institutional context at the local, national and global levels, to such events as may involve them in the image and in any significant changes to the relationship between the city and its users as regards the collective symbolic heritage, both tangible and intangible.
  3. Said support is expressed in the contribution, with effect from 1 October 2014, of membership fees, professional resources and service instruments as part of an operational project that will arise from a programme of initiatives for the benefit of the city and of its most important democratic institutions, with the decision to render operational this intent – as agreed upon during a preparatory analysis carried out in the presence of the Mayor of Milan at the Palazzo Marino on 22 September 2014 – in such ways and means as the Promotion Committee, as constituted by the undersigned, may decide, including the approval of Articles of Association and executive regulations.
  4. It is understood that the operational framework – which will have the support of a qualified advisory body promoted by explicit commitment to the project of the coordinating chairman of the rectors of the universities of Lombardy – will take into account the need for analysis and planning, of which the Milan Brand Committee has so far given evidence, in order to invest both the time for formulation and research and submission of solutions designed to improve the level of information and communication in which in the interest of the city may be offered to the attention of the population and of public opinion, with purposes generally oriented towards improving the attractiveness of the city.
  5. In view of the imminence of the challenging six-month period of Expo 2015, as well as of the imminence of the launch of the Città Metropolitana di Milano, the Promotion Committee considers it both appropriate and urgent that the activities indicated herein should immediately ensure streamlined and expert organisational services, making use of such synergies as have already been experimented, especially through the agreement between the City of Milan and La Triennale di Milano. This will thus create the conditions for contemporaneous verification of the methods to be used for the exercise of shared, vigilant and targeted responsibility that the undersigned undertake to exercise.
  6. The undersigned are also aware of the strategic importance of participation in this initiative by persons who play an important role in the social, economic and cultural fabric of the city, as an expression of a plurality of identities and vocations. Constituted as a Promotion Committee, the undersigned undertake to promote greater access to their associational agreement by ensuring – predictably within one year – greater scope for participatory initiatives in such appropriate forms as may be agreed upon.

Milan, 8 October 2014


  • For the Municipal Administration of the City of Milan
  • For A2A
  • For ATM
  • For Fondazione Fiera Milano
  • For MM
  • For SEA
  • For La Triennale di Milano
  • For Università degli Studi di Milano

(also as the Coordinator of the Rectors of Lombardy)