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The symbols of Milan

The images shown here belong to two different forms of representation.
Some belong to the traditional symbolic heritage of the city (the gonfalone, or banner, which has official status; the “half-woolly
sow”, with links to ancient history; the Madonnina, a symbol of dominance; the biscione, or snake, with its historic symbolism).
The others illustrate the popular perception of the city’s identity. In most cases, this perception has resisted or has
been given new life in the present. It is known that the fog has been clearing, but in the popular perception – both inside
the city and out – it persists as a symbolic icon.
The symbols of Milan in Italian symbolism from the national anthem by Mameli: “From the Alps to Sicily, everywhere is Legnano…”
from The Divine Comedy, Purgatorio, Canto VIII: “The viper under which the Milanese camp”