Eugenio Montale

Genoa 1986-Milan 1981. An Italian poet, journalist, music critic and writer, Nobel Laureate in Literature in 1975. After the rise of Fascism, he immediately distanced himself, signing Benedetto Croce’s Manifesto of Anti-Fascist Intellectuals in 1925. Lived in Florence at a time of economic uncertainty and complicated romantic relationships, reading Dante, Svevo and the American classics. In 1948 he moved to Milan and published The Occasions and the first lyrics of what was to become The Storm and Other Things (published in ’56). Tried joining the Partito d’Azione right after the war but left it shortly after. He spent the last part of his life (from 1948) in Milan. A regular contributor to the Corriere della Sera and music critic for the Corriere d’Informazione.

Indro Montanelli
Ernesto Teodoro Moneta