Ernesto Nathan Rogers

Trieste 1909-Gardone Riviera 1969. Graduated as an architect from the Politecnico University of Milan, where he was a tenured professor in his old age. Founded Studio BBPR (with Barbiano di Belgioso, Peressutti and Banfi) in 1932. To Switzerland in ’39 to escape racial persecution, joined the Giustizia e Libertà Resistance movement. Banfi died at Mauthausen and Belgojoso was deported. Editor of Quadrante (’33 -’36), Domus (’46 -’47) and Casabella (’53 -’65), his editorials reflect a vision of architecture inspired by Husserl and Dewey. Raised a generation of famous architects (Rossi, Gregotti, Aulenti, Stoppino, Canella, De Carlo). Important publications (Esperienze di architettura, Editoriali di architettura) and projects such as the Torre Velasca in Milan.

Lalla (Graziella) Romano
Angelo Rizzoli