Edilio Rusconi

Milan 1916-Milan 1996. A journalist, writer, publisher and film producer. Graduated in Literature from the Cattolica, called by Rizzoli to be editor-in-chief of Oggi in 1945 (until 1956), which he made Italy’s top weekly. In the mid-’50s he took over Gioia and Rakam magazines, started a publishing business and launched a new weekly (Gente). Later, many other magazines and series of books. Entered the newspaper industry in ’84 with La Notte. Rusconi Film produced only four films (with Salce, Rossellini, Visconti and Del Balzo). Also started in television (Italia 1), later sold to Berlusconi. Knighted for services to industry.

Piero Sacerdoti
Giorgio Rumi