Dina (Clotilde Annamaria) Galli

Milan 1877-Rome 1951. Actress, daughter of actors. Taken on in 1890 by Edoardo Ferravilla, the dialect actor, at the height of Scapigliatura. Taken on by Virgilio Talli’s prestigious company in 1900. Success in the theatre came in May of that year in Feydeau’s Dame de Chez Maxim. In 1906 she founded her own company, which three years later became the Sichel–Guasti–Galli–Ciarli–Bracci, also called the “company of the five”. In her day considered to be one of the greatest Italian actresses. First contact with the cinema in 1933, playing Ninì Falpalà in the film of the same name by Amleto Palermi. Acted in about twenty films.

Tommaso Gallarati Scotti
Carlo Emilio Gadda