Bruno Munari

Milan 1907-Milan 1998. An artist and designer, and exponent of visual creativity in every field of application (visual arts, industrial design, publishing, cinema). Vast production of nonfiction and research work. Considered to be “Leonardesque” in his creativity and complexity of application. He participated in Futurism in his youth (even inventing useless machines). In Paris in the ’30s, worked as a graphic designer at Mondadori, then art director at Tempo and, later – with Dorfles and others – founded the Concrete Art Movement in 1948. Trips to Japan in the ’60s. Created avant-garde visual products, setting up a workshop for children in ’77 at the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan. His books include: Teoremi sull’arte (1961), Arte come mestiere (1966), Da cosa nasce cosa (1981), Uno spettacolo di luce (1984).

Cesare Musatti
Giorgio Muggiani