Art and Society

The narrative of a land – and especially of a city – has a thousand sources. What makes a system strong is the synergy it manages to maintain between the public sphere and the private, between institutions and companies, the formal and the informal, the juridical and the creative, the collective and the individual, the past and the present, and so on.
In other words, the kaleidoscopic nature of each element in what is referred to as the symbolic heritage: in other words, each fragment, complete with its significance, its date, its narrative and emotional impact, and all its cultural and civil aspects.
For the pluralistic nature of Milan this endeavour takes priority with regard to its “brand” and must therefore let the debate take into consideration the sources and the signs of this free, broad-based way of contributing to the formation of its identity.
It is history itself that confirms and selects, bringing to light or casting into oblivion. And those who provide the service need to promote and facilitate research, opening up sources without prejudice or bias.
Art, creativity and entertainment all clearly play a very relevant role in this. And it is achieved through countless forms of narrative and through contributions that time adapts to their relationship between visions and conflicts, and between needs and the freedom of representation.
This area of the site will gradually expand with documents concerning the great artistic and creative works that have been generated by the theme of the identity of Milan, of what it means to be Milanese (for both its native and its adoptive citizens) and of the vast territory that surrounds it (which, throughout the history of the city, has always bordered as much on Italy as on the rest of the world).